domingo, abril 03, 2005

Check it!

"The swift changes in technology are changing our lives. It is not so much revolutionizing, rather enlarging our relation to the present time. With the world-wide information net now becoming available, each person whether processing the information or participating in access to it, has a greater freedom of choice than ever before. The technology extends our possibilities to inform in multiple directions and via different media; at the same moment allows a freedom via the accessibility to the individual Marshall McLuhan would appreciate."

Merce Cunningham is collaborating with the Riverbed group and Unreal Pictures to invent the first dance for the computer by a major choreographer. Viewers will enter a virtual handrawn world in which abstract dancers perform a full and completely new Cunningham work.

Interessante. A tecnologia, se utilizada "artisticamente", pode proporcionar momentos sublimes... Deixo aqui um link de uma orba para marimba e sensores nas mãos, de Ricardo Climent -
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